One-Liner August 10, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

Let’s enjoy another “One-Liner” together.

WORD                        “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.”   (Mt.24:7)
WISDOM                   On our planet, Earth, there are many nations and people, but only 2 KINGDOMS.
                                    The Kingdom of God, which is one of Light, Life, Truth, and Love, and
                                    The Kingdom of Satan, which is one of darkness, death, error, and hate.
                                    These 2 kingdoms will always clash, at the national and personal level.
WIT                             Wife to husband: “Marriage was made in heaven.”
                                    Husband to wife: “So was lightning and thunder.”
WHOLE IN ONE      “Enjoying Haiku, Insight-Out”        Unpublished Work
                                                                                    Copyright © 2007 by Charles Gyurko
                                    War under my feet,
                                    Shifting continental plates,
                                    Move an inch a year.
A WORK of the Lord in Japan
As part of practical leadership training for Christ For the Nations-Japan Bible School students, there was an outreach to NAGALAND, INDIA in 2005. About 100 years ago (see photo in native costume) the people in this area were opposed to Christianity. When the first missionary came, the Chief threw a spear at him, but missed. Rev. Clark picked up the spear and handed it back to the Chief.
Rev. Clark knew nothing of the native tradition, but in doing so, the Chief was obliged to receive him and listen to his message. As the missionary shared the Gospel, many were saved, and today about 92% of the people of Nagaland claim Jesus as their Savior! Rev. Clark overcame evil with good. Ultimately, the Kingdom of Light conquers the Kingdom of Darkness, both in this world and in the next.
Standing with you confidently in God’s Kingdom,
Charles and Dianne Gyurko