One-Liner August 14, 2009


Dear Family and Friends
“I will establish My covenant with you…” (Gen. 6:18)  “You have come to…Jesus, the Mediator of the new covenant.” (Heb. 12:21-24) “Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” (Rev.19:9)
When a man and a woman say “Yes” at a wedding, they’re making a COVENANT, which is an all-encompassing agreement between 2 parties, that identifies and bonds them as one. In addition to marriage covenants, there are other serious agreements, most of which are between equals, because they have something they can exchange together. But there are some covenants that are between un-equals!  Through Jesus Christ, you and I are sublimely honored to be in a real covenant with the Creator of the Universe, the all-holy eternal God Himself, bonding us as one, with mutual responsibilities and promises, as in a marriage!
He initiated the Covenant Himself, and gives everything to us, even eternal life with Him. What can we possibly give Him, except ourselves? …But that’s all He wants!
Is it true that from the North Pole all directions point South? Even my compass is confused.
“Enjoying Haiku Insight-Out”

Touching all ages,
Replete with implications,
Haiku’s soft beauty.
Unpublished Work
Copyright © 2009 by Charles Gyurko
A WORK of the Lord in Japan.
In the Bible are the Old Testament and New Testament, which are simply the Old Covenant agreements made before Jesus’ coming, and the New Covenant, which was made in Jesus’ own blood. Teachers at CFN-Japan Bible School are privileged to share God’s word, and the Holy Spirit reveals the riches of His truths to students.

Shown above is a Guest Speaker, Rev. Scott Douma, sharing God’s Word in front of a cross, which early tribes in Ghana, Africa, used to call “the wooden covenant”, because it revealed the extent of God’s love for us, and strengthens us with truth, to live our lives unto Him to whom we are bonded in covenant.
Standing together with you looking to the Lord,
Charles and Dianne Gyurko
P.S. The next few One-Liners will carry the “ten steps” in a covenant, so that we can more
         clearly understand and respond to Him.