One-Liner March 7, 2008


Dear Family & Friends,

 “…to those who are called according to HIS PURPOSE, …to be conformed to the image of His Son..” (Rom. 8:28-29)
Recognizing the responsibility of raising their children properly, The Satos (above) sing to Jesus the song which says, “Lord, I want to be like YOU, because HE  (or SHE) wants to be like ME”.  Jesus, God-in-the-flesh, is the model human being. Our being conformed to His image, pleases God the Father, and fulfills us individually. We are “complete in Him.” (Col. 2:10)
The man said, “When I die, I’d like to go like my dad, who went to sleep peacefully,  not like those screaming and yelling people behind his driver’s seat.”
“Enjoying Haiku Insight-Out”
On the window pane,
Slow moving rain drops draw near,
Then “kiss” and run down!
Unpublished Work
Copyright © 2008 by Charles Gyurko
A WORK of the Lord in Japan.
Shuhei Sato-san (from Japan), and his wife, Kate (from England), above and below, both graduated from CFNI (Dallas), and later became Staff Members at CFN-Japan  After serving faithfully for years, they were led of the Holy Spirit to follow their vision of starting a Christian School for Children, beginning with their children, Grace  and Daiki. 

They are presently in this process, teaching neighborhood children in their home. CFN-Japan has been blessed, and wants to be a blessing,  to all who are partners in the Faith.  Please continue to pray for CFN-Japan’s capable and unified Staff, as well as for the Sato’s. 
Standing together with you looking to the Lord,
Charles and Dianne Gyurko